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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Through the Department of Chemistry, courses (CHEM) are offered at the undergraduate level for students pursuing the Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Chemistry, for students majoring in other disciplines wishing to pursue a minor in Chemistry, and for students in other academic areas requiring some preparation in Chemistry. Although only one undergraduate degree (the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry) is offered, three concentrations leading to this degree are possible for majors: (1) an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved concentration, (2) a pre-medical and a pre-dental concentration and (3) Forensic Chemistry. These concentrations are composite programs of study and neither concentration requires the declaration of an official minor in another academic discipline. The ACS approved concentration is designed to prepare students for professional careers as chemists and to ensure their preparation for graduate study. Members of the Department are housed on the fourth floor of the New Science Building with the Department Office located in Suite 403.

Curricular in Chemistry

  1. American Chemical Society (ACS) Approved Concentration
  2. Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Concentration
  3. Forensic Chemistry (New)
  4. Minor in Chemistry (updated minor as of Fall 2021)